BTS Jimin’s secret deeds receive applause from everyone

It was belatedly known that BTS member Jimin recently donated a large amount of money.

On September 28th, Gangwon Provincial People’s Daily newspaper belatedly reported that Jimin had recently secretly delivered donations to the Gangwon-do Office of Education.

Until now, Jimin has consistently donated for children and adolescents.However, the exact method of delivering the donation is not known.The Gangwon Provincial People’s Daily said Jimin’s donation is expected to be around 100 million won considering the size of donations from other municipal offices of education.

As Jimin’s donation became known, it is known that the education office is receiving inquiries from fans.

The Gangwon-do Office of Education said, “The donation has been delivered, but we cannot confirm the details according to the wishes of the donor who wanted anonymity.”

In 2018, Jimin provided winter and summer uniform expenses for juniors at his alma mater, Hoedong Elementary School in Busan, and donated 100 million won to low-income students

In 2019, he donated 100 million won to the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education to support low-income students from 16 schools in Busan, including Busan Arts High School and Geumsa Elementary School.

In February 2020, 1200 desks and chairs were replaced at Jimin’s alma mater, Busan Arts High School, and in August of the same year, 100 million won was delivered to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation. In addition, Jimin’s total amount of donation so far is estimated to be more than 400 million won, including the number of personal or private donations

Source: wikitree

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