Why does TWICE get praised for their raw vocals when singing casually, but draw controversy over live stages?

A compilation video of TWICE members singing casually has garnered much attention. 

TWICE‘s vocals have always been a controversial topic. Since their debut, TWICE has come under criticism many times for disappointing live singing skills, especially during their encore winning stages. Anti fans claim TWICE should improve their singing by taking vocal lessons to prove they are worthy of being titled a top Kpop group. 

TWICE live stages

Recently, a video of TWICE’s vocals caught the attention of ONCEs.  Fans made a compilation of the off-stage moments where TWICE members sing casually. In the video, TWICE shows off their mellow, sweet and emotional voice. The girls sound much better in these spontaneous singing moments than in their encore stages. 

The video of TWICE’s casually singing moments

Although there is no background music, the main vocalists of TWICE such as Nayeon, Jihyo, Jeongyeon… still manage to flaunt their vocal techniques. Meanwhile, sub-vocalists like Mina and Momo also sound relatively stable.

Fans praise TWICE for their harmonious vocals, not too powerful, but suit the group’s energetic and vibrant music well. Besides, fans criticize JYP for often giving TWICE high-pitched songs that exceed the group’s vocal range. This explains why TWICE normally sings well, but when they go on stage, having to sing and dance at the same time easily causes the members to lose their breath. There are even many stages where TWICE was forced to lip-sync to ensure sound quality.

TWICE live stages
TWICE’s vocals are always controversial
TWICE live stages
TWICE live stages
Every time TWICE makes a comeback, fans hold their breath waiting for the encore
TWICE live stages
According to fans, when singing without any music, TWICE shows off a very attractive and sweet voice

Some comments:

– TWICE is so good when singing without music.

– Such a sweet voice. Anti kept saying that they couldn’t sing.

– I’m a bit surprised about Mina. She sings very well.

– Nayeon and Jihyo are always good at singing.

– They sound better without music than on encore stages. Their singing in SIXTEEN era was good too.

TWICE sang SCIENTIST encore on Music Bank stage 11/19/2021
Nayeon was found lip-syncing while performing Dance The Night Away in 2018
TWICE live stages
Momo’s “legendary” photo at the disaster encore stage in June 2020


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