BTS Jungkook posted “My body feels heavy” early in the morning but surprised fans with an amazing dance performance

BTS Jungkook stole the hearts of fans around the world by showing off his impressive dance skills in the newly released video.

In the early morning of February 5th, Jungkook posted a dance video on his Instagram and wrote “Even my body feels heavy now”. In the video, Jungkook was performing a unique dance to the song “Bare Wit Me” by American singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor.


Jungkook showed accurate and detailed dances as well as free, perfect and flexible movements to the rhythm while controlling his strength. In particular, it was surprising that this was a cover of the dance performed by Jo Nain of Turns, the winner of Mnet’s program “Street Dance Girls Fighter”. Jo Nain has been a fan of BTS since her elementary school days, and her favorite member is also Jungkook, making fans envy her for being a “successful fan”. In response, Jo Nain expressed her admiration by reposting Jungkook’s dance video on her Instagram Story and adding emojis, such as the 100 points.

BTS Jungkook Bare Wit Me dance

Within 6 hours of its release, Jungkook’s dance video has surpassed 10 million views and gained more than 6.3 million “likes”. Fans showed various reactions to the video, saying, “As expected, Jungkook is the best”, “I didn’t know I would be able to watch a dance video on Jungkook’s Instagram! This is so great! And I’m jealous of successful fan Jo Nain”, “OMG our Jungkook dances so well. I have envied Nain ever since the ‘have a good Nain’ story!!! Why didn’t I join Street Dance Girls Fighter?”, “This is so great. He showed us his singing yesterday and a dance today”, “Why does Jungkook dance so well?”, “I became a fan of Jungkook because of his singing video yesterday and his dance video today”, “I want Jungkook to upload a million dance videos like this. This is so amazing”, “Singing for yesterday, dancing for today. Jungkook’s life is so great”, “Jungkook, please sing and dance forever. Please accept my wish”, “Will I become a successful fan like Nain if I learn dancing?”

After Jungkook released the dance video on his Instagram keywords, such as “Jungkook”, JEON JUNGKOOK”, etc. dominated the real-time trending in 71 countries on Twitter, including the worldwide, drawing explosive topics and attention.

Meanwhile, Jungkook also recommended the name “have a good nain” to Jo Nain when she opened her Youtube channel.

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