BTS Jungkook recommends a YouTube channel name for “Street Dance Girls Fighter” Jo Na-in

“Street Dance Girls Fighter” Jo Na-in became a “successful fan” of BTS Jungkook.

Jo Na-in posted a photo on her Instagram on Jan 7th. The photo included the answer written by BTS Jungkook himself. On this day, Jo Na-in created a Q&A “If so, please recommend a name for my YouTube channel as well”.

Jo Na-in dancer

Anyone with an Instagram ID can leave a reply. Jungkook, who previously said he was a fan of Street Dance Girls Fighter, left a comment “have a good main”.

Jo Na-in dancer

In response, Jo Na-in certified that she was a successful fan and added an emoji that seemed to be covering its mouth. Meanwhile, Turns – Jo Na-in’s dance crew – became the final winner of Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter”.


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