Seo Hyun Jin fell asleep for real during the filming of “Why Her” 

Netizens are in love with Seo Hyun Jin’s cuteness. 

On June 21st, on the YouTube channel ‘SBS Catch’, a behind-the-scenes video titled ‘Seo Hyun Jin really fell asleep while filming and Hwang In Yeop took care of her’ was released. The video was taken on the set of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her”, in which Seo Hyun Jin plays Oh Soo Jae and Hwang In Yeop plays Gong Chan.  

seo hyun jin

In the scene where Oh Soo Jae sleeps at Gong Chan’s house, she sleeps on the sofa, not the bed. Seo Hyun Jin was laying down on the sofa and getting ready to shoot the scene. Hwang In Yeop watched her from the stairs and said, “She looks like she’s really sleeping.”

Hwang In Yeop

Eventually, Seo Hyun Jin actually fell asleep while waiting for filming to start. Hwang In Yeop showed considerate gestures towards his co-star, such as sitting next to Seo Hyun Jin and arranging her hair.

Hwang In Yeop seo hyun jin

When Seo Hyun Jin woke up, she apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. I’ve been lying down for too long.” The drama’s production team explained the situation at the time with the caption, “Even behind the scenes, the atmosphere is warm.

In the comments under the video, netizens showed enthusiastic reactions such as “Seo Hyun Jin falling asleep for real is so cute“, “Seo Hyun Jin is so cute. She must have felt tired“, “Now that filming is over, take a good rest“, “Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop are both cute“.

Hwang In Yeop seo hyun jin

“Why Her” depicts the thrilling story of Oh Soo Jae, a cold lawyer who has become empty while pursuing only success, and Gong Chan, a law school student who is not afraid of anything to protect the woman he loves.

hwang in yeop why her

Source: wikitree

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