The most ridiculous dating rumours in the history of K-Pop

Many stars had gotten into a dating rumours with the most ridiculous proofs ever.

1. Lay (EXO) – Lisa (BLACK PINK)

Recently, BLACK PINK and EXO’s fans were scared to death when heaing the news of Dispatch revealing dating photos of Lisa and Lay. In the photos was a girl with blonde hair, which resembles Lisa, leaning onto her boyfriend who is wearing a black mask. However, after rechecking everything, this is just a fanmade photo made by shippers. Many fans were scared to death by this trick, especially when Kai – Jennie was revealed by Dispatch right on January 1st.

The fanmade photos are what spreaded the dating rumour of Lisa – Lay.

Many netizens couldn’t hold their laughter because this rumour is even harder to belive than the KaiJen couple. The reason is because Lay (real name Zhang Yixing) is always in China for his activities. The 2 idols doesn’t have anything ot anyone in common which makes it hard for them be friend, lest lovers.

2. Bambam (GOT7) – Irene (Red Velvet)

Bambam (GOT7) was stunned once when the dating rumour between him and Irene (Red Velvet) was spreaded in 2015. The situation started when the male idol changed his bio on Instagram with cake emoticons, the “IR” letters or eyes and hearts emoticons…Many fans were sure that this is his “lovestragram”towards Irene.

The rumour spreaded like flame on many K-Pop forums. Many even left rude and negative comments on Bambam’s SNS. Finally, he had to step up and explain that he was not dating with the Red Velvet’s leader.

3. Yoon Ah – PSY

In 2012, Chinese media shocked the public by posting an article about Yoon Ah (Girls; Generation) dating PSY. The proof which was given by the Chinese media was only a photo of Yoon Ah wandering around on the street with a man whose face was covered by a hat. The article said that the man was PSY, singer of the mega hit “Gangnam Style” and even confirmed that PSY’s wife knew about this affair but decided to ignore it to maintain the family’s happiness.

Chinese media was so sure that the hat man was PSY.

This ridiculous dating proof infuriated Girls’ Generation’s fandom. Actually, this was just a behind-the-scene photo of the show Running Man in 2012 where Yoon Ah was a guest along with Sunny. Fortunately, no one believe in this proof of the Chinese magazine and both PSY and Yoon Ah’s career wasn’t affected by this rumour.

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