Netizens react to Gong Yoo being called “Squid Game’s Gong Yoo”: “Are you denying his 20-year career?”

One of the hottest topics in Korea right now is Gong Yoo being called “Squid Game’s Gong Yoo” as a way of promoting his new work.

Gong Yoo is one of the most iconic actors in the Korean film industry as his career has lasted for 20 years and he has many masterpieces. Recently, more viewers outside of Asia became aware of Gong Yoo after he participated in Netflix’s Squid Game. Gong Yoo appeared briefly for a few minutes in the series, but quickly attracted attention of fans around the world thanks to his good looks as well as unique aura.

Squid Game Gong Yoo
Squid Game Gong Yoo

Squid Game‘s success is undeniable, but Gong Yoo‘s guest role in this work is nothing compared to his massive career. That’s why when an American media outlet named Pop Crave promoted Gong Yoo‘s new film by mentioning Squid Game, it made viewers offended. In particular, Pop Crave uploaded a trailer of The Silent Sea along with the caption saying “Watch the trailer for the ‘THE SILENT SEA’, starring Bae Doona and #SquidGame’s Gong Yoo, dropping December 24 on Netflix”. Its calling Gong Yoo as “Squid Game’s Gong Yoo” immediately sparked a heated controversy, causing it to be harshly criticized by international netizens.

Pop Crave uploaded a trailer of The Silent Sea
The Silent Sea

Many people are annoyed that Gong Yoo‘s symbolic 20-year career was marked by a cameo role. International netizens believe that Pop Crave disrespected Gong Yoo as well as lacked understanding of the actor. This reaction is a bit excessive, but it basically makes sense. Over the past 20 years, Gong Yoo has starred in various famous works such as Coffee Prince, Goblin and Train to Busan.

Some comments:

– Squid Game’s Gong Yoo? Are you kidding me?

– Please show him some respect.

– I agree that Squid Game made Gong Yoo more popular in the European – American market but he’s just a cameo. Are you denying his 20-year career?

– You can call him “Train to Busan’s male lead”. It’s acceptable.

– Bae Doona was called by her name, so why did you do that to Gong Yoo? It looks like you’re taking advantage of Squid Game’s fame.

Gong Yoo
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