29-year-old singer SHINee Taemin appeared cutely with chubby cheeks after serving military service for 4 months

The recent update on SHINee Taemin, who is serving in the military, has just been revealed.

On September 29, a video titled “Private first-class Lee Taemin will tell you about the recruitment system for active-duty soldiers” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of the Military Manpower Administration.

In the released video, SHINee Taemin appeared neatly in his military uniform. First, Taemin greeted, “Hello, I’m Private Lee Taemin from the military band of the Ministry of National Defense’s Service Support Corps.”

shinee taemin

He continued to explain, “In order to serve the military using my special skills, I went on the website of the Military Manpower Administration and applied directly to the military band myself”

shinee taemin

In the video, Taemin spoke with sparkling eyes and emphasized his words, keeping himself in the military discipline. In particular, he looked even healthier than before enlisting, with chubby cheeks.

shinee taemin

Recently, the Military Manpower Administration posted Taemin’s 30 questions and answers on their official SNS, drawing the attention of fans. When asked what gives him the most energy for his military life these days, Taemin answered, “It’s food from canteen.”


Meanwhile, Taemin enlisted at the army training center on May 31 and has been doing his military duty in the army band.

shinee taemin

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