Was Somi’s ‘What You Waiting For’ originally a solo song of Rosé?

A scene that Rosé recorded in the studio caught fans’ attention, because the song she was singing had the same beat as What You Waiting For – the single that Somi released recently.

Recently, Rosé – the main vocalist of BLACKPINK has been receiving attention from many fans thanks to the documentary film BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky. In addition to telling the behind-the-scenes story of BLACKPINK, Light Up The Sky was released at a time that fans were curious about YG’s next plan for BLACKPINK this year. For that reason, perhaps details of Rosé’s solo performance have been continuously mentioned in this documentary.

Recently, in the documentary Light Up The Sky, viewers also realized a very expensive scene when Rosé directly recorded the song that is supposed to be her solo song. But after listening carefully, Kpop fans easily recognized that this was the song of Somi – What You Waiting For. The main producer of the song was Teddy, so fans assumed that the song was originally written Rosé instead of Somi. Or maybe it was Rosé who sang the tutorial demo for this song.

The audience also realized this was not the first time. Previously Seungri’s hit 1,2,3! was originally written for BLACKPINK. However, Seungri later discussed with Teddy and felt that the song was suitable for the male voice, so he re-recorded it.

In the end, 1,2,3! Belonged to Seungri. Rosé even proved what Seungri said was correct when she sang the song at the group’s concert when Seungri was a guest. Before that, she also actively expressed her wish to make a solo debut by covering a series of seniors’ hits.Notably, all cover songs posted by Rosé attracts hundreds of thousands even millions of views. Morover, Rosé is also known to sing many demos for YG’s songs. Fans must have been extremely anxious one day that Rosé has her own music product!

All rumors have become even clearer when recently, fans spread the photo that is supposed to be YG’s plan in December 2020, which directly mentioned a solo performance of oneBLACKPINK’s member. This makes fans believe that the main vocal’s solo project is going to happen!

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