“Business Proposal” female second lead’s return drama opens with impressive rating

Seol In Ah’s comeback drama “Oasis” is off to a good start. 

Oasis” is Seol In Ah’s comeback drama after her witty performance in “Business Proposal.” The series airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2, the same timeslot as “Business Proposal” in 2022. Despite broadcasting on weekdays, “Oasis” managed to record a 6.3% opening rating and topped the nightly viewership rating, surpassing their competition, tvN’s “Our Blooming Youth.” 

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The first two episodes paint an overall picture for the drama and how it might progress in the future. Starting in the 1980s, it starts with Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon) and Choi Cheol Woong (Chu Young Woo) running away from a gang. They soon become friends after and grow closer after falling for the same transfer student, Oh Jung Shin (Seol In Ah). 

The only existing gap between Doo Hak and Cheol Woong is their family background. Doo Hak is an excellent student but pretends to be bad at studying due to his inferior complex and current family debt to the Choi’s family. He only starts showing his real capability after Jung Shin’s transfer to impress her but angers Doo Hak at the same time as he does not expect his first place to be taken from him. As a result, Doo Hak is reprimanded by his father and is transferred to another school away from Cheol Woong and Jung Shin. At the end of episode 1, the drama reveals a shocking twist where Doo Hak is caught in a murder that alters the course of his life as well as those of Jung Shin and Cheol Woong. 

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Viewers reserved a lot of praise for the drama for its setting, plot development, character images and performances of the three lead characters. With an unexpected turn of events at the end of the first episode, the audience are eager to see what the drama series has in store for the future of the trio. 

Source: K14

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