Fans are heartbroken to see Jeon So-min appearing on crutches in “Running Man” after foot surgery

Actress Jeon So-min, who had undergone surgery due to a foot fracture injury, appeared on crutches in “Running Man.”

 SBS’s "Running Man"
SBS’s “Running Man”

On SBS’s “Running Man,” which aired on January 23rd, Eun-hyuk, Hong Soo-ah, and Bae Seul-ki appeared as guests for the special episode of “Tiger Year 86-Line.”

At the end of the broadcast, Jeon So-min, who was reported to have suffered an ankle injury, also appeared.

Jeon So-min, who appeared at the recording studio on crutches, said, “I sprained my ankle while going down the stairs. I was diagnosed with a fracture when I took an X-ray because my feet were swollen,” the actress explained.

Jeon So-min‘s slow walking toward the members with a cast on her feet and crutches made viewers feel sorry. The members wished Jeon So-min a quick recovery.

When Haha saw Jeon So-min‘s black-painted toenails, he said, “No wonder your toenails have holes,” drawing laughter.

Earlier on January 21st, Jeon So-min‘s agency, King Kong by Starship, said Jeon So-min was injured after stepping on the wrong foot during her personal schedule and underwent fracture surgery on January 9th.


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