From Honey Lee to Jeon Hye Bin, the reason why baby bump photos of actresses are gaining more attention 

Pregnant celebrities became the talk of the town with their baby bump photos. 

On September 26, Jeon Hye Bin shared new photos of her showing off her bare baby bump at the beach with her husband. She is due to give birth this October. 

In the photos, Jeon Hye Bin wore a long dress and bikini swimsuit in the middle of the beach, revealing her D-line body in the last trimester. Her photos amaze netizens, as they look like they were shot for a fashion magazine pictorial, instead of ordinary baby bump photos that are usually taken in an indoor studio.

Most of all, Jeon Hye Bin drew keen attention by doing a photoshoot with her husband, who is also her dentist. Her husband knelt on the sand and touched his wife’s belly, while Jeon Hye Bin looked at him fondly. The two also held hands and smiled brightly, creating an affectionate atmosphere. 

Jeon Hye Bin’s maternity photo released on this day attracted a lot of attention thanks to its unexpected location, unconventional clothes, and high-quality results.  So Yoo Jin, Shin Da Eun, Hong Yun Hwa, Kim Seong Ryeong, Lee So Yeon, and Kim Ho Young also responded enthusiastically by leaving comments under Jeon Hye Bin’s post.

Earlier, in June, Honey Lee also became a hot topic when releasing a fresh baby bump pictorial that broke stereotypes. She explained her shoot, saying, “Just because I’m pregnant, I didn’t want to wear maternity clothes. I want to have a natural yet hip pregnant pictorial.”

She continued, “Actresses saying that they want to hide their belly during pregnancy is a bit of a shame. I was so happy during my pregnancy and I liked that energy, so I wanted to share it with the public.” 

Pregnancy and childbirth of female celebrities are mentioned much more freely now compared to in the past, not only through SNS but also through the media. Due to this, their confident D-line bodies attract attention whenever they are revealed, and the number of actresses who are showing them off is also increasing.

Source: daum

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