Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM) shows off a drastic transformation in “ANTIFRAGILE” 

Promising talent and blooming visuals, Eunchae made a splash with this comeback. 

Le Sserafim teaser
Eunchae is the maknae of LE SSERAFIM. (Image: Kpopping) 

On the 17th, LE SSERAFIM released the MV for the title track “ANTIFRAGILE”. The song immediately received attention and support from a wide range of fans, especially their fandom as they cheered to see Eunchae have more grounds to showcase herself. 

Le Sserafim eunchae antifragile
Eunchae was the center in the last comeback. (Image: YouTube LE SSERAFIM) 

Eunchae  progressed from having 5 seconds in “Fearless” to ranking in 4th place in “ANTIFRAGILE” with more than 15 seconds. The idol was able to show off both her dance moves and her singing voice this time around. 

le sserafim line distribution
Her lines tripled in this new song. (Image: YouTube random_k) 
le sserafim
Fans once protested that Eunchae only had a small amount of time to showcase herself. (Image: screenshot of a line distribution chart) 

Eunchae also changed up with a new appearance for this comeback. She now has bangs that attract public attention. Many audiences reviewed that she now had a mark of her own instead of being known as a “visual combination” of her seniors, Red Velvet’s Joy and Yeri

Eunchae boasts a lovely visual. (Image: HYBE Labels) 
le sserafim eunchae
The female idol was regarded to have similarity to Red Velvet’s Joy and Yeri. (Image: Pinterest) 
le sserafim eunchae
Eunchae becomes more attractive with her bangs. (Image: AllKpop) 

The idol was born in 2006, she is the youngest member and dancer of the group. She is 168 cm tall at the age of 16 and boasts outstanding dancing skills. She passed the auditions for JYP and Pledis. 

Eunchae is 168 cm tall while she is only 16 years old. (Image: Stardailynews) 
le sserafim eunchae
She passed the auditions for JYP and Pledis. (Image: Pinterest) 

Eunchae went for Source Music under HYBE. After 1 years of training, she debuted with LE SSERAFIM. 

Le Sserafim eunchae
The female idol has a strong choreography foundation but does not have much chance to show off. (Image: topstarnews) 

However, Eunchae has not had much spotlight, especially when the group soon came across a series of controversies that lowered the chance for the maknae to get her share of attention. 

Eunchae has little chance to show her abilities. (Image: Pinterest) 

Now that LE SSERAFIM is making a brand new comeback, the youngest idol of the group finally has the chance to show what she is capable of. Eunchae is showered with applause for the performance she puts up. 

le sserafim eunchae
Eunchae promises to deliver even better performances if the company promotes her well. (Image: HYBE Labels) 
Hong Eun Chae
The idol becomes the “final missing puzzle” of LE SSERAFIM. (Image: Pann) 

Eunchae is also perfect as the maknae: she is energetic and childlike and always keeps a light atmosphere to the group. 

Source: yan

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