Failing to wear a baby carrier due to thin waist & ribs revealed while dancing, aespa Winter’s skinny body causes fans to worry

Fans are shocked to see aespa Winter’s thin body on recent broadcasts.

aespa Karina and Winter recently appeared on “The Return of Superman”. The two visited the house of Hong Hyun Hee, Jason and their son Jun Beom.


Meeting Jason and Jun Beom, Karina and Winter greeted them enthusiastically. Feeding Jun Beom baby food and singing popular character songs, the two spent a great time with the family.


While they were having fun, Jun Beom’s diaper needed changing. Approaching the baby out of curiosity, Winter and Karina then screamed in shock. Seeing the two’s reactions, Jason jokingly said, “It can help you lose weight 100%.”

The two aespa members even tried wearing a baby carrier for Jun Beom, but Winter’s waist was too thin to wear the belt properly. Surprised at Winter’s skinny body, Jason commented, “She’s underweight. The buckle should be fastened to secure the baby carrier, but it doesn’t work with her.”


Karina also failed to wear the baby carrier for the same reason. Jason said, “Even when she’s wearing a microphone on her waist, it still turns out like that. Both of you are eliminated. The baby carrier is falling down”. Winter and Karina pretended to cry, saying “We can’t be mothers”, drawing laughter.

In response to the scene, netizens commented, “I wonder how skinny they are?”, “I think Jun Beom’s weight will be the same as theirs when he grows up a little bit more”, “I feel bad for them. They’re so skinny”, etc.

aespa winter

Recently, aespa performed their comeback stage on “M Countdown” and fans were once again shocked by Winter’s alarmingly skinny body.

Wearing a bra top and a mini skirt, Winter’s ribs were clearly revealed when she danced. Seeing this, fans expressed their concerns about the female idol’s health condition.

Source: Daum

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