Bolbbalgan4, who just made a comeback, has halted all activities, fans are in tears

Singer Bolbbalgan4 (Ahn Ji Young) is temporarily suspending her activities, leaving deep regrets among fans.

On May 9th, the agency of Bolbbalgan4 announced, “Due to having poor condition, our artist Bolbbalgan4 took a PCR test on May 8th and was confirmed to have COVID-19. Currently, she has no other symptoms besides mild ones, so she will focus on self-quarantine and receive treatment at home, following the guidelines of the quarantine authorities and suspending all ongoing schedules.”

The agency also added, “The schedule for resuming activities will be announced after the artist has sufficiently recovered. We will do our best to prioritize the artist’s health and focus on her recovery.”


Currently, the mandatory quarantine period for confirmed COVID-19 patients is 7 days. After being released from quarantine, it is recommended to avoid visiting facilities with a high risk of infection for 3 days.

Previously, Bolbbalgan4 made a comeback and released the mini-album “Love.zip” on April 16th. She also released the double title tracks “Chase Love Hard” (featuring Hwang Minhyun) and “FRIEND THE END”.

Along with the comeback, Bolbbalgan4 met with fans at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall for two days on April 29th and 30th.

Source: Wikitree

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