aespa’s Winter Raises Concerns with Unprecedentedly Slender Figure 

aespa’s Winter has caused fans to worry with her excessively thin figure.

On May 11th, aespa’s performed on Mnet’s “M Countdown”, showcasing their new album title track, “Spicy,” and the B-side track, “Salty & Sweet.” During the “Spicy” performance, Winter attempted a bold styling by wearing a pink bra top and a mini skirt.

However, fans expressed concern as Winter’s prominent ribs were visible due to her extremely slender figure. Moreover, Winter was unable to participate in the recent Japan concert due to poor health. 

Regarding this, Winter stated at a press conference on May 8th, “I have rested and fully recovered, so my health is in a very good state.” Nevertheless, fans’ worries mixed with their voices of concern over Winter’s thin appearance persist.

Meanwhile, aespa’s third mini album, “MY WORLD,” is a new album released after approximately 10 months since “Girls.” It includes six songs, including the title track “Spicy,” “Welcome To MY World,” “Salty & Sweet,” “Thirsty,” “I’m Unhappy,” and “‘Till We Meet Again.” 

The album achieved a new record as it topped the first-day sales chart for girl groups in K-pop history (1,372,929 copies sold) and reached No. 1 on major domestic music charts and iTunes Top Album charts in 20 regions worldwide.

Source: Naver. 

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