BTS j-hope appears in jaw-dropping long hair, shocking netizens 

The recent appearance of BTS member j-hope with long hair is drawing a lot of excitement from fans. 

In the concept video “All new hope”, BTS j-hope draws attention with his eye-catching appearance. In particular, the male idol shows off his long, flowy, and bleached hair. Other scenes also show a fierce side of j-hope, who is dressed in a historically-inspired costume. 

BTS J-Hope All new hope
BTS J-Hope All new hope

With these new styling, j-hope is receiving a lot of praise from netizens. Some also express their wish to see j-hope in a historical K-drama, seeing that the male idol fits both long hair and historical styling. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • j-hope’s presence is overwhelming. I can’t believe he fits long hair that much
  • Now I’m left wishing and hoping to see j-hope in a historical drama!
  • There’s simply no concept that j-hope cannot slay 
  • Whoever came up with these concepts and styling needs a promotion!!!
BTS J-Hope All new hope

It is known that these images will be included in j-hope’s individual photobook, a part of BTS’ photobook project, which aims to show the different colors of each member. Based on j-hope’s vision, “All New Hope” represents a meeting of new hope, and showcases different sides of j-hope that have never been seen before. 

Source: k14

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