Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022

Here are 10 female idols with the highest net worth in 2022. 

Celebrities’ net worth always piques curiosity among netizens. After years of hard work in the K-pop industry, these female idols have undoubtedly made a lot of money. Recently, Daily Niti revealed a list of the 10 richest female idols in 2022. Let’s take a look to see who made it into the top. 

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
The richest Kpop female stars this year 

1. IU

1st place belongs to Korea’s most successful female soloist IU. Her income mostly comes from her activities as a singer and songwriter. IU is also a sought-after star in commercials. She is a model for many big electronic brands such as: Samsung, Sony Korea, Sk Telecom. Specifically, IU’s current net worth is around 40 million USD.

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
IU is the owner of many smash hits in Korea 

2. Dara

Since she was active in 2NE1, Dara has been one of the most popular female idols, making huge amounts of money from the promotions of 2NE1. After 2NE1 disbanded, she has been consistently engaging in different solo activities. She often participates in TV shows. Dara’s net worth is reportedly 35 million USD. 

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Dara is known for her timeless beauty.  

3. Suzy

Suzy is the pick of many famous brands such as: Dior, Guess Denims, Reebok, Swarovski, Kerasys, The Face Store, or Lancome. Her pure beauty and graceful aura have helped the female idol gain a foothold in commercials, especially in the field of fashion and beauty. 

Not only is she a successful CF star and singer, Suzy has also starred in various famous dramas such as: Dream High, When You Were Sleeping, Uncontrollably Fond, Vagabond and Start-Up. The idol-turned actress’s net worth is estimated at 30-35 million USD. 

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Suzy is successful as a model, singer and actress 

4. Lee Hyori

Right from her debut in FIN.K.L, Lee Hyori has been an icon in the K-pop industry. After going solo, her fame has skyrocketed even more.  She became one of the highest paid soloists in Korea. Besides music activities, Hyori and her husband, musician Lee Sang Soon, also draw much attention through the show “Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast”. At the moment, her net worth is approximately 30 million USD. 

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Lee Hyori’s life makes people admire her. 

5. Yoona (SNSD)

Kpop’s visual goddess Yoona is also one of the richest female stars in the industry. It is estimated that her net worth ranges from 25 to 30 million USD. In addition to earning money from activities as an idol singer, Yoona is a well-loved actress. She is also a brand ambassador for many famous brands such as: Miu Miu, Innisfree or Estée Lauder.

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Yoona always exudes a classy aura.  


Lisa is one of the rare young idols to join this list. She owns a fortune of 20-25 million USD. Like Yoona, the youngest member of BLACKPINK has a great source of income when working with the group. However, the female idol’s personal projects are also outstanding. Accordingly, the success of the recent solo album has brought Lisa fame and huge amounts of money. In addition, the Thai female idol is also the Global Ambassador of the luxury fashion brand Celine

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Lisa is very attractive in the international market. 

7. Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon is the second SNSD member to be included in the list. With a gifted voice, the female idol is one of the top solo singers in K-pop. Her captivating and amazing performances have helped her earn a high income. Accordingly, the estimated net worth of SNSD’s leader is about 20 million USD. With this amount of money, the female idol bought herself expensive cars and valuable real estate.

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Taeyeon’s musical activities are always supported by the audience. 

8. Jessica Jung

After separating from solo activities, Jessica Jung‘s musical path was not very optimistic. However, the female idol is very suitable for the business field. She owns her own fashion brand called Blanc & Eclare with nearly 60 stores. In addition, she also writes novels and runs a cafe. Accordingly, Jessica’s net worth fluctuates at 10 – 15 million USD. 

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Although not very active in music, Jessica’s reputation is still very high. 

9. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

With a net worth of about 10 – 12 million USD, Jennie ranks 9th. In addition to being the favorite of the prestigious Chanel brand, the female idol also cooperates with a series of popular brands such as HERA, Gentle Monster and Calvin Klein. Not only prominent in the fashion field, Jennie also has a great income from music activities.

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
Jennie is one of the “advertising queens” of K-pop. 

10. BoA

Compared to last year at No. 4, BoA‘s ranking has changed greatly. She owns a fortune of nearly 10 million USD. Since her debut, the female idol has released more than 20 albums, which helps her earn a large amount of money every year. After many active years, BoA is still a popular face on TV shows.

Top 10 wealthiest female K-pop idols of 2022
BoA still looks very young. 

Not only possessing a huge fortune, the above female idols also have immense beauty that makes their charm irresistible.

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