Kim Se Jeong’s new drama “Today’s Webtoon”, the follow-up to “Why Her”, premiered to unsatisfactory ratings? 

“Today’s Webtoon” recorded first-episode ratings that fell short of the previous drama in its time slot, despite Kim Se Jeong’s passionate performance.

The first episode of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon”, which was aired on July 29th, depicts the beginning of a new life as a neon webtoon editor of On Ma Eum (Kim Se Jeong), a former judo player. 

Today's Webtoon

Through episode 1, Kim Se Jeong showed off her action skills in a cool fight. She breathed life into her character that seems to personify passion and positivity. Kim Se Jeong’s bright image and energy maximized the character’s charm.

With the addition of director Jo Su Won’s directing power, who composed the characters’ narratives into lively footage, the drama became overflowed with vitality. The opening of episode 1 is particularly fun with the cartoon imagination that crosses the boundary between the drama and the webtoon.

Today's Webtoon

The fact that Jun Yeong, the same-age friend whom Ma Eum will meet in the future, appears in her imagination first was very interesting. Such a lively atmosphere in “Today’s Webtoon” marked the beginning of a healing drama that is expected to spread positive energy to the viewers, who are already tired of materials with high tension.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of “Today’s Webtoon” recorded a nationwide rating of 4.1% and 4.0% in the Seoul area. The drama reached up to 5.3% in real-time, signaling a smooth start. In the 2049 chart, its rating was 1.8%.

Today's Webtoon

However, compared to the 6% recorded in the first episode of the previous drama “Why Her”, starring Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In-yeop, the performance of “Today’s Webtoon” is about 2% lower, which caused a regret.

The second episode of “Today’s Webtoon” will air on SBS at 10 p.m KST today (July 30th).

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