This A-list actress was rumored to be in a sponsor relationship twice + Her tough response 

Song Hye Kyo was repeatedly dragged into defamatory accusations of having a sponsor. 

In May 2016, following the great success of K-drama phenomenon “Descendants of the Sun” and just when Song Hye Kyo was enjoying great popularity, she was caught up in a malicious rumor. Online posts written by a man surnamed Seo surfaced and drew attention as they claim Song Hye Kyo was involved in a sponsor relationship with a famous and old male politician of the Saenuri Party. A sponsor relationship is like prostitution, where sex is exchanged for financial support. 

Song Hye Kyo

In light of these rumors, Song Hye Kyo and her legal team quickly took action and filed a lawsuit against Seo for defamation. He was eventually brought into court, found guilty, and had to pay a fine of 3 million won. 


This is not the first time Song Hye Kyo was rumored to have a sponsor. In 2012, she sued 41 netizens who spread slanderous rumors about her sleeping with a politician to receive monetary benefits. She hired an investigative agency to filter out people to prosecute. In the end, Song Hye Kyo won the lawsuit.

song hye kyo

Besides Song Hye Kyo, other victims of such rumors about sponsor relationships who also sued their accusers among famous female celebrities in the world are Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Xinyu, American rapper Cardi B, etc. 

Source: K14

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