“Actually, that was…”, IU explains why she made an awkward heart sign at the Cannes Film Festival

Singer-actress Lee Ji-eun (IU) revealed her feelings about being invited to the Cannes Film Festival and several behind-the-scenes stories.

Lee Ji-eun held an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on June 7th to commemorate the release of the movie “Broker”.

Broker” is a movie about the unexpected and special journey of people who become involved in baby boxes. Apart from the movie being officially selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 75th Cannes Film Festival held on the 17th of last month, actor Song Kang-ho became the first male actor in Korea to win Best Actor. With such achievements, “Broker” drew keen attention even before its official premiere. 

Expressing her feelings about being invited to Cannes, Lee Ji-eun, who plays the role of single mom So-young in the movie, said, “It was so amazing that I thought I have used up all my luck for that. Even at Cannes, I was so worried that I kept reminding myself, ‘Be careful’, ‘I must not make mistakes at this moment’, etc.”


Revealing that she became comfortable with the actors and actresses she worked with in the movie a year after the filming, Lee Ji-eun explained, “I couldn’t talk much to them on the filming set because I was so nervous but we got closer after going to Cannes together. Now that we are already close, I can courageously tell them ‘Thank you for this and that, sunbaenim’.”

Earlier, Lee Ji-eun got caught smiling awkwardly after failing to make a heart sign with her hand at the Cannes Film Festival. The cut of that scene spread rapidly on various online communities and SNS sites, drawing laughter from netizens.

In this regard, Lee Ji-Eun said, “I regretted that moment the most. Even when I watched it, I also found myself looking so silly”, adding, “When the ceremony was about to come to an end, I was kind of out of my mind then suddenly the camera zoomed in. I made a mistake while thinking of what gesture to make.”


She smiled and said, “As I’ve been working as an idol, I learned that I shouldn’t stand still doing nothing so I tried to make a heart. As soon as I made the heart, the camera moved to Joo-young’s side, so it became a crumpled heart and I was so embarrassed. As expected, my fans made lots of memes from that moment.”

Source: Wikitree

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