“Running Man” Song Ji-hyo’s shocking wrong answer: “A capital city with 3 syllables?” Tottenham”

“Running Man” Song Ji-hyo surprised everyone with her wrong answer.

On SBS Running Man’s latest episode, which aired on the afternoon of August 7th, the members are seen playing a telepathy game. After listening to the given word, if five out of seven members wrote different answers, they would have a chance to pick a ball.

song ji hyo

The first word was a three-syllable capital. Song Ji-hyo was made fun of by the member for saying “I don’t know capitals’ names” before writing “Isn’t it Tottenham?” Ji Seok-jin also had a wrong answer alongside Song Ji-hyo after he wrote “Sydney”.

Song Ji-hyo also wrote, “Nyangjujichuk,” when asked to write a four-character idiom containing animals, making everyone laugh.

Source: Nate

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