TWIC had an amazing performance on The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon, but what about digital achievements?

It’s weird for Korean netizens to praise TWICE’s music but not stream it!

TWICE had a comeback on October 1 with the English single “The Feels”. This is the MV that clearly shows the group’s American direction in the near future. After releasing the MV, TWICE had a stage to perform a new song at The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon.

TWICE’s The Feels stage at The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon

Without Jeongyeon due to health reasons, TWICE only promoted the song with a lineup of 8 people. Although the choreography looked unbalanced because of the lack of one person, TWICE also performed well and was highly appreciated after their appearance at The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon.  From the costumes to the stage set-up, the lights were all “genuine”, providing a satisfying performance in terms of both visual and audiovisual.

twice the feels 04102021 1
TWICE wears cheerleading outfits with many unique details
twice the feels 04102021 2
Beautiful stage and lighting effects
twice the feels 04102021 3
The dance performance was well done even with only 8 people

From the song’s melody to TWICE’s performance, Knet praised it all:

  • This song is great.
  • Jihyo and Nayeon did so well.
  • The stage is beautiful, the music is good.
  • A great stage, this concept really suits the group.
  • I have to admit that the group is very strong in performance.
  • The choreography and stage are impressive, TWICE is so pretty.
  • Good music, beautiful stage, TWICE members are all very pretty, everything is perfect. Like another MV.
  • Pretty and cool, TWICE is number one!
  • Jihyo suits this concept so well. Good English pronunciation and good voice too.
  • The stage is great.  The Feels is such a masterpiece, I’ve been listening to this song all day.

It’s been a long time since Knet praised TWICE like that. It’s praiseworthy, but it seems that in Korea, people are not very interested in streaming music for TWICE because it’s an English song. ‘The Feels’ digital music ranking after more than 2 days has not entered iChart, in some charts it is even lower than BLACKPINK Lisa’s LALISA.

twice the feels 04102021 4
Digital music ranking at Genie on the evening of October 3: ‘LALISA’ is at #183. It’s so low but ‘The Feels’ is even lower!

By the way, TWICE still became one of only two K-pop girl groups (along with STAYC) to have two songs (Alcohol-free & The Feels) enter the Top 70 Spotify Korea.

On the other hand, TWICE’s achievement in the international market is quite good even though this is their first English single.

Specifically, The Feels debuted at No. 83 on the Apple Music Global chart – the highest-ranking of TWICE on this chart. The song also entered the Apple Music Daily Chart in 31 countries.  This is TWICE’s first song to achieve this feat. 

Moreover, The Feels also ranked No.11 on the Amazon US best-selling song chart. The song also has surpassed 40k Shazams in 2 days and 22 hours after release while prior to it, Alcohol-Free reached 60k Shazams in 29 days.

twice the feels 04102021 6

Besides, The Feels debuted at #14 on Youtube US Daily Chart with 956,966 streams. This is quite a good achievement for the JYP girl group. After 2 days, the music video for The Feels also gained 38M views on Youtube. 

twice the feels 04102021 5
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