BoA used to ask her best friend, Kim Hee-chul, to introduce her privately to this male rapper! Who is he?

The identity of the handsome rapper has been revealed.

The identity of the handsome rapper who stole BoA’s heart

In the JTBC ‘K-909’ broadcast on the 1st, rappers from the hip-hop label AOMG Simon Dominic (Ssam D), Loco, Wonjae, and Kugi appeared on the show to give the audience the real essence of hip-hop performances.

‘K-909’ hosted by BoA is a global music show with the participants of famous K-pop idols where K-pop fans around the world can see the artist’s diverse world of music, such as the first released songs, special collaborations, and special arrangements as well as behind-the scenes content.

On this day, after finishing their stages with the two songs ‘Set Go’ and ‘We Are’, Simon D, Kugi, Won-jae, and Loco met MC BoA and had a talk about their opportunity to appear on the show.

Simon D smiled, saying, “The fact that the four of us are together on the stage  is a super-special project. I was wondering what music show this is and the MC said that the host was BoA so I agreed without a second thought.”

BoA responded, “I really like Simon D’s voice. I think I’ve replayed only Simon D’s part in ‘Villain’ for more than 10 times.”

Simon D, shyly ruffling his hair after the compliment of BoA, quickly improvised a verse of ‘Villain’ and another compliment from BoA appeared: “It’s so cool.”

Loco, who was excitedly looking at the two unique tiki-taka, said, “We are all BoA-sunbaenim’s fans, but Simon D-hyung is a truly hardcore fan. It’s so cute to see him all fanboying like this.”

At this time, Simon D looked at his idol and nodded his head to prove that he was one of her most hardcore fan’.

BoA used to ask Kim Heechul to introduce her to Simon D

Surprisingly, BoA also said that she has always been a fan of Simon D. It is said that BoA even asked Kim Hee-chul, who is a close friend to both her and Simon D, to introduce them directly.

BoA grumbled, “(I asked for a favor) and he didn’t do it once“, and Simon D made BoA’s heart flutter again by coolly saying, “I want to know you now” with a sweet low-pitched voice.

Simon D then confessed that he liked BoA’s hit song ‘Moon & Sunrise’, saying, “Who doesn’t like BoA’s songs?”

When BoA was surprised, “Only my fans listen to that song!”, Simon D showed that he’s truly a member of BoA’s famdom by saying, “I like it cause I’m your fan.”

Simon D, BoA’s ‘Moon & Sunrise’ Perfect Cover

Afterwards, Simon D sang BoA’s ‘Moon & Sunrise’ with a sweet tone. They didn’t accompany each other in this song but the cover was so emotional that it melted the hearts of many netizens hearing it.

Meanwhile, Simon D, Loco, Woo Won-jae, and Kugi recently released a collaboration single called ‘TTFU’.  ‘TTFU’ stands for ‘Turn The F*ck Up’, and it is a song that directly and dynamically contains the message of “just having fun”.

BoA appeared as a member of the judges on Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter’. Recently, her decision to eliminate PRIMEKINGZ, a strong team of the show, received negative responses from the audience. The female idol then suffered from malicious comments from netizens on her Instagram. Both BoA and her management company SM Entertainment have given tough responses about this matter right after it broke out.

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