Dawn, Hyuna’s boyfriend, showed off new tattoo and impressive abs in his new update

Singer Dawn (real name Kim Hyo-jong, 27 years old) boasted his new tattoo.

On January 2nd, two photos were uploaded on Dawn’s Instagram account without caption.


Dawn took a photo of his upper body without wearing any top and tagged the account of the tattooist. In the released picture, tattoos were engraved in various parts of his body, from the neck to the arms and even on his ribs, drawing keen attention.


In particular, Dawn also revealed his sculptural abs. There were several comments under his post, saying, “It must have been really hurt (because of those tattoos)”, “New year, new tattoo?”, “He’s so attractive”.

Dawn has been publicly dating singer Hyuna (real name Kim Hyun-ah, 29 years old) since 2016. The two signed their exclusive contracts with PNation, founded by Psy, in January 2019.

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