These 4 actors have a handsome innocent face, which is in stark contrast to their sexy and toned body

Indeed, don’t judge a book by its cover!

1. Kim Min Kyu

Currently famous thanks to A Business Proposal, Kim Min Kyu has the image of a gentle and smart secretary. But when he took off his shirt, the handsome man revealed his muscular body, with perfect arm muscles.

Even the supporting female Seol In Ah (Jin Young Seo) gave flattering words for Kim Min Kyu‘s beautiful body. Looking at his stable and solid back, which girl wouldn’t feel loved and protected?

2. Song Kang

The handsome man has a gentle, childlike beauty. Just looking at his face, many people will think he is a teenager. But don’t be fooled, Song Kang with the past of a gymnast actually owns a perfect body. When the guy dressed as a ballet dancer in Navillera, viewers were too embarrassed to look directly.

3. Im Si Wan

Im Si Wan has a height of less than 1m8, a babyface, so even though he is over 30, he is still invited to play the role of a student. However, when he took off his shirt, he became a completely different person. Si Wan has a very attractive body, which is usually only of athletes.

4. Song Joong Ki

Some mocked Song Joong Ki‘s appearance in “Descendants of the Sun,” saying, “What soldier looks so immature and weak!” It’s unfair for Song Joong Ki. His muscles aren’t inferior to anyone’s, despite his baby face.

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