Actress Han Groo officially divorced her husband after 7 years of marriage

Han Groo has finished the divorce process and will be the one to raise the children after the breakup.

On September 27, Korean media reported that actress Han Groo had divorced her husband after 7 years of marriage.

SBD Entertainment recently confirmed the news regarding Han Groo’s marital status, saying, “It’s true that Han Groo recently completed the divorce proceedings. Han Groo will raise the children. Han Groo will raise the child.  However, we cannot reveal specific details because it concerns the privacy of the actress.”

In 2015, Han Groo got married at the age of 23 to a non-celebrity man.  The two dated for about a year before deciding to get married.  Her ex-husband is 9 years older than her and has a handsome and elegant appearance.  The wedding was held privately at the Grand Hyatt Seoul hotel.

Han Groo’s artistic activities were put on hold for a long time due to her marriage and subsequent pregnancy, leading many to believe she had decided to retire.

By June of this year, Han Groo signed a contract with SBD Entertainment.  She is also reviewing a new script to prepare for her return to the small screen.

Han Groo was born in 1992, debuted as a singer in 2011 with the album Groo One. Not long after, she debuted as an actress and became well-known for her dramas such as Scandal, Marriage, Not Dating, Can We Get Married?,….

Source: 2sao

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