Netizens argued over the news about the upcoming “Street Man Fighter”

“Street Man Fighter” is scheduled to air this summer following the success of “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Dance Girl Fighter.”

Mnet officially announced the news by airing the logo teaser of Street Man Fighterin the last broadcast of Street Dance Girl Fighter, which was broadcast live on Jan 4th.

At the end of the broadcast, MC Kang Daniel said, “Season 2 will return this summer as a dance fight between male dancer, a ‘Street Man Fighter’.” In the midst of high expectations for this summer’s showdown between male dancers, netizens argued over the program.

Street Man Fighter

Some netizens declared a “boycott” against “Street Man Fighter,” saying, “I won’t watch it, I won’t buy it.” They also urged for a “Street Woman Fighter Season 2,” not “Street Man Fighter.” It is presumed that this “boycott” was originally formed against the appearance of the dancers who cyberbullied dancer Monika.

Street Man Fighter

An industry official told the Korea Herald that ‘Street Man Fighter’ was originally scheduled to air faster, but production has been delayed due to controversy over the participants. Some netizens still continued to criticize the controversy, speculating that it was a cyberbullying case between dancers.

Street Man Fighter

A user of the online community theqoo said, “The perception of the dancer world has deteriorated a little due to the ‘popping’ and ‘poppin’ incident’,” adding, “I don’t know if I’ll watch ‘Street Man Fighter’. I only think of how well they had picked the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ leaders.”

Street Man Fighter

However, some point out that the criticism against “Street Man Fighter” is excessive. Some theqoo users argue, “There are many male dancers who have nothing to do with the cyberbullying incident, and many others also like male dancers. Stop criticizing male dancers by bunching them up together” and “’Street Man Fighter’ haven’t been released yet, it’s annoying to see you guys criticizing the show first thing first. I don’t know why you guys hate it so much already.”

Meanwhile, Mnet will broadcast “Street Man Fighter” this summer. The specific broadcast date is still unknown.

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