aespa’s Winter and ITZY’s Ryujin in the same top: Who wore it better?

Wearing the same top, Winter and Ryujin give off completely different vibes.

aespa’s Winter and ITZY’s Ryujin are among the most outstanding 4th generation female idols when it comes to visuals. If Winter is known for her pretty and dreamy looks, Ryujin exudes strong girl crush vibes. 

Winter and Ryujin give off totally different vibes in identical tops, showing the unmistakable auras of SM and JYP idols.

aespa Winter ITZY Ryujin
The sheer red top is layered with a criss-cross crop top, combined with asymmetrical leather skirts and turtleneck boots. The highlight of Winter’s outfit are bunker chains, large hands, neck, waist accessories, creating a mesmerizing look.
aespa Winter ITZY Ryujin
Ryujin wore wide-leg jeans and combat boots, creating a dynamic look, which is suitable for the dance song that she performs

The tight-fitting turtleneck top has a simple design, but it helps the two girls boast their own colors. Winter gives off classy and playful vibes, while Ryujin is basic and trendy. Who do you think wore it better?


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