BLACKPINK Lisa after 1 year of solo debut: various records, an impressive win at MTV VMAs

BLACKPINK member Lisa has set a history for Kpop female idols with her various achievements. 

On September 10th one year ago, Lisa – the youngest member of BLACKPINK, officially made her solo debut with a single that’s named after herself, “LALISA”. As an important member of the world-famous girl group BLACKPINK, Lisa has attained various impressive achievements, and attracted numerous fans, both in and outside of Korea. With just two solo songs “LALISA” and “Money”, Lisa, who is from Thailand, has written a history for female Kpop idols at the 2022 MTV VMAs. 

Lisa is a legendary Kpop idols from Thailand

In her first solo release, Lisa went for the familiar route with hip hop and electronic beats – the signature sound of her group BLACKPINK. The female idol is the main dancer and lead rapper within the group, and is known for being an “all-rounder”. While this titled was somewhat challenged by netizens after the release of “LALISA”, Lisa still managed to prove them wrong, achieving various admirable records. 

Lisa’s achievements after 1 year 

1 year after Lisa’s solo debut, various fans of her celebrated by boasting the achievements of “LALISA” and her other song, “Money”. The result is a dizzying long list, with most records being made in international grounds, and even now, the songs remain iconic. 

lisa blackpink
The achievements of Lisa in the past 1 year, as compiled by fans 

Below are some notable achievements among the list 

  • “Money” is the most streamed Kpop solo song in Spotify’s history 
  • “LALISA” is the first song by a female solo artist to surpass 100 No.1 on iTunes worldwide
  • Lisa peaked at 28,626,697 monthly listeners on Spotify, the highest peak for a Kpop solo act
  • “Money” is the first Kpop soloist 2nd Kpop female song in history to chart 200 days on the Spotify Global charts 
  • “LALISA” becomes the most viewed song by a solo artist worldwide within 24 hours (73.6 million views), breaking the previous record, which was held by Taylor Swift
  • “LALISA” MV surpassed 537 million views on YouTube
  • “Money” exclusive performance video reached 670 million views on YouTube

“Money” is the best selling Kpop solo song in the past decade, with over 6.8 million units sales across the world

lisa blackpink
The view count of Lisa’s “Money” even exceeds that of several BLACKPINK’s title songs, and is still trending despite having been released 1 year ago 

The first female soloist to win Best Kpop at the MTV VMAs

Previously on August 29th, right ahead of her 1st solo debut anniversary, Lisa has got her fans all excited, as she snagged for herself a win in the Best Kpop category at the MTV VMAs, defeating strong competitors like ITZY, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, and TWICE. 

Lisa was crowned for Best Kpop, becoming the first female soloist to win this category 

The category has been dominated by BTS from 2019 to 2021, before Lisa, with the explosive success of “LALISA” enters the spotlight with a bang. As Lisa went onto the stage to receive her award, the rest of BLACKPINK couldn’t hold back their pride and joy, even tearing up at their youngest member.  

Lisa thumbnail
BLACKPINK went viral for their reaction to Lisa winning Best Kpop 

This achievement is even more historical when Lisa’s Thai nationality is taken into account. Having come to Korea with a dream and ample fashion, Lisa has become a role model for the youth, and a world superstar. “LALISA” and “Money” is her grand speech, her proof that nothing is impossible. 

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