BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” MV achieved impressive premiere viewership, so what records has she achieve?

With her debut solo product, BLACKPINK Lisa exposed the audience to many various feelings!

Lisa (BLACKPINK) launched her debut single “LALISA” and the music video for the title song on September 10 at 13 p.m. (local time). The solo debut of Black Pink’s youngest member sparked a “widespread frenzy” among Kpop fans. On YouTube, MV LALISA earned a large number of likes and comments. A number of Lisa-related topics are also on Twitter’s top trending worldwide.

The MV LALISA dazzled the spectators with stunning and eye-catching scenes. Lisa flaunted her strong feminist vibe in a range of outfits. The female idol exhibits a variety of expressions and clearly demonstrates the girl crush style.

MV LALISA has received 7.7 million views, over 500,000 likes, and 129,000 comments on YouTube in just 45 minutes. At the time of its premiere, the video had about 1.03 million views. This figure is excellent, yet it falls short of breaking Rosé’s debut record. Previously, the main vocalist of BlackPink received 1.2 million views with the MV “On the Ground”, setting the global record for a solo artist.

YG announced that Lisa’s album’s pre-order sales have surpassed 800,000 copies. This achievement helps Lisa set a new record for the number of pre-orders of an album by a female K-pop solo artist. Fans are giving their full support so that the youngest member of Black Pink can achieve more records in this solo promotion.

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