The ‘Six Sense 3’ crew spent 330 million won to find a boyfriend for a Lovelyz member

Netizens were shocked to hear the huge amount of money the ‘Six Sense 3’ crew spent.

Sixth Sense 3
tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3”

The latest episode of tvN’s variety show “Six Sense 3,” which aired on the 18th, made netizens extremely overwhelmed when the crew decided to spend a lot of money to implement the theme “1% of everything in Korea”. Accordingly, Mijoo (Lovelyz) was brought by “National MC” Yoo Jae Suk to a matchmaking company to conduct the experience of finding a life partner, who is extremely rich.

After checking Mijoo’s interests, personality, and requirements, this company arranged for her to date a person in the diamond club.

There are several programs, but I manage the Royal Club one-on-one,” the company representative said. “The Royal Club contains CEOs of top 500 companies in the business rankings.” 

“These days, parents want to give their children chances to date,” he said, adding, “We are conducting a docking project” to provide natural blind dates.

In order to have this appointment, the show crew accepted to pay an extremely high fee: 330 million won. The person that the Lovelyz member was arranged to meet is a CEO born in 1997, who graduated from a prestigious university in the US. Recently, he opened a start-up company in the United States and has an income of about 165,000 USD.

Yoo Jae-seok, who heard specific information about the blind date guy, asked, “Does Mijoo also have to open up about her annual salary?” 

Oh Na-ra said, “Mijoo makes better money,” and Yoo Jae-seok also said, “Mijoo makes better money these days. Young and rich.”

When the CEO was confident that “the future of the man will be prosperous and he will earn billions of won,” Yoo Jae-seok responded, “The same goes for our Mijoo,” sparking laughter.

Meanwhile, Mijoo, who debuted as a member of Lovelyz in 2014, moved to Yoo Jae-seok‘s agency Antenna after the end of her girl group’s contract and made a new start.


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