BLACKPINK Jennie betrayed by her dog Kuma, who is “obsessed” with a man

Jennie, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, felt betrayed by her dog Kuma despite their special connection. 

On the 26th, a video titled “BLACKPINK Jennie came to show off her dog, Kuma” was released on the YouTube channel “Bodeum TV”


In the video, the host, Kang Hyung Wook asked BLACKPINK Jennie why she wanted to come on the show, to which the female idol answered, “I’m a huge fan (of the show). I wanted to show off my dog. You’re one of my favorite YouTube channels.”

She also revealed that she has watched quite a few videos on the channel, and she recently watched the episode featuring Lee Chang Sub’s dog, Guri.


Afterwards, Jennie introduced her dog, Kuma. After learning that Kuma is between 8 and 9 years old, Kang Hyung Wook asked if the white area around his mouth is because of his age. Hearing this, Jennie laughed and responded, “No. Kuma had these cute milk marks around the mouth since he was a baby.”

Jennie then revealed that she was the one who named Kuma, saying, “Kuma is ‘bear’ in Japanese, and when I first brought him, he looked a lot like a bear. How could I name him anything other than Kuma?”

The female idol brought laughter by sharing, “So when I used to live in an apartment, I’d go on walks, and older neighbors would say things like ‘What’s that, a raccoon or a bear?’”


She also insisted that Kuma is not an elderly dog despite his age, saying, “But isn’t he such a baby?”.

When Kang Hyung Wook mentioned that Kuma is quieter compared to other Pomeranian dogs, Jennie revealed her concerns about Kuma, saying, “If he’s with me like this, he’s an angel. But as soon as I put him down, he turns into something else”, adding that Kuma turns into “a lion” and just completely loses it when he sees a man on a motorcycle or bike.


Later in the episode, Jennie bragged that Kuma will always come to her no matter what’s happening, even when someone else feeds him. “I think we have that connection”, she insisted. 

However, when Kang Hyung Wook called, Kuma immediately went to him, causing laughter. At this, Jennie solemnly expressed that she lost her bragging rights.

Later on, although Jennie boasted about Kuma, Kuma showed no interest, contrary to Jennie’s expectations, and caused laughter around. Seeing this, Jennie exclaimed that Kuma is too obsessed with Kang Hyung Wook and doesn’t listen to her at all.

Finally, Jennie gave instructions to Kuma in English and proudly said that while she teaches him English, her mom teaches him Korean, so Kuma is a bilingual dog. 

Source: Daum

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