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“You want to die?”… Netizens caught Ji-yeon swearing at Hyun-kyu in the recent broadcast of “Transit Love 2”

Viewers found out that Ji-yeon used curse words toward Hyun-kyu in “Transit Love 2”.

In the 18th episode of TVing’s original dating program “Transit Love 2”, which aired on October 14th, a “request date” was held 3 days before the cast made their final choice.

According to the rule of the “request date”, a date is only conducted only when two cast members choose each other. 

Transit Love 2

On this broadcast, Ji-yeon told Hyun-kyu “Let’s hangout out tomorrow”. Hyun-kyu replied, “You and me? I’m fine”. He repeated it several times but eventually turned down Jiyeon’s offer. However, Ji-yeon sent Hyun-kyu a message thinking he would respond, but Hyun-kyu sent his message to Hae-eun, so their date did not take place.

Transit Love 2

In response, Ji-yeon said to Hyun-kyu, “You like it? Are you happy? I’m speechless”. “This is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made since I came here”, she said in informal language.

Transit Love 2

While Hyun-kyu was talking to Hae-eun, Ji-yeon came and said, “Hey, Hyun-kyu. You want to die?”, cursing at Hyun-kyu. Her words were not shown in the subtitles, but Internet users raised the volume and captured it.

Upon seeing this scene, netizens on the online community theqoo commented, “I hope she changes her attitude in the future”, “Is it because she’s still young?”, “Seems like she forgot that he’s not her friend but an elder”, “She’s so rude. But I feel bad for her since this scene could have been edited out”, etc. 

Source: wikitree

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