Lee Jung Jae of Squid Game suddenly revealed that he is a BLACKPINK fan

The fact that the famous Squid Game actor is a BLINK can't help but thrill BLACKPINK's fans.

In a video uploaded by Netflix where he sits with other cast members of “Squid Game”, actor Lee Jungjae shared that his favorite Netflix production that he would recommend everyone to watch is BLACKPINK’s documentary. When watching Light Up The Sky’s trailer, he realized, “So they went through tough competition to debut in BLACKPINK, and became the No.1 girl group in the world thanks to their hard work. I became a fan of the group.”


Actor Park Haesoo also added that he watched BLACKPINK’s documentary film because Lee Jungjae suggested it. As a result, both actors “fall” for the BLACKPINK girls and become BLINKs.

Previously in the show Knowing Brothers, Jennie also revealed a fun fact that because Jennie’s mother is a huge fan of “Sandglass”, Jennie’s name was inspired by Jae Hee – the name of Lee Jung Jae’s character in the drama. Jennie also had a chance to meet the actor and tell him the story about how her name was picked because of him.


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