Ji Soo was left out once again by Adidas, fans got frustrated because of the poster with only 3 members

This is not the first time that famous brands have forgotten to include Jisoo in their promotion content, stroking the outrage of fans.

On August 25, BLACKPINK appeared on the promotional banners of Adidas on many websites in China. However, fans were frustrated because the banner only included 3 members and missed out on Jisoo. In another video, the individual picture photo of Jisoo also disappeared. BLACKPINK has 4 members, but Jisoo was excluded for no reason. Therefore, fans criticized the famous brand for its unprofessional attitude. They complained to Adidas and pushed the tagline “Adidas respect Jisoo” to the top of Twitter worldwide trending.

Adidas forgot Jisoo
Adidas forgot Jisoo

What makes fans angry is that this is not the first time that Jisoo has been neglected by Adidas in advertising campaigns. These mistakes have happened more than once before. BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) were very angry when the brand invited the whole group to be models, but in the promotional image, there were only 3 people. Many fans are also upset because Jisoo is very enthusiastic about promoting this brand on her SNS. A pair of Adidas shoes that Jisoo once wore was sold out in Singapore. However, responding to Jisoo’s enthusiasm is Adidas’s unfair attitude.

Adidas forgot Jisoo

Fans believe that if Adidas does not provide an explanation and edit the banner images, they will boycott the brand. In addition, fans also want YG Entertainment to give feedback on the incident. BLACKPINK’s agency has also been criticized for its lack of attention to these situations, contributing to disunity within the fandom.

Adidas forgot Jisoo
Adidas forgot Jisoo

Some comments of netizens:

  • A brand entered the top trending because it did not respect Jisoo, one of the ambassadors who devoted a lot to them, not because of any new product launch
  • What’s so difficult about putting all 4 members in the advertisement? There are only 4 people?
  • YG should remind and coordinate with brands to ensure that there are no unfairness between members
  • This doesn’t just happen once. I think the staff in charge of this section of Adidas has a grudge against Jisoo
  • The brand is angering the fans. Jisoo is very popular in China. If they are boycotted, they will be disadvantaged”…
Adidas forgot Jisoo
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