Netizens recalled Song Ji Hyo’s remarks about cheating in a relationship

Recently, actress Park Joo Mi appeared on SBS’s show “My Little Old Boy”, and her remark has become a hot topic. She said if her husband cheated on her only one time, she would cover it up; however, she would never forgive him if he did it 2-3 times.


Regarding the story, an old interview of actress Song Ji Hyo has been recalled because she once gave a similar statement.

In 2018, Song Ji Hyo participated in an interview ahead of the release of “What a Man Wants” as a promotional activity for the movie

Being asked how she would deal with the situation, like in the movie, when the husband cheated on her, Song Ji Hyo answered, “I don’t know what exactly would I do, but I think if that person made a mistake once, I could still forgive him.”


Then she emphasized, “The first time may be a mistake, but the second time is an intention. I wouldn’t think the same if this happened twice.”

Song Ji Hyo cooly replied, “If he cheated on me twice, I would have to ‘kill’ him.”

She also suggested that if you couldn’t forgive the one who cheated, you need to end your relationship seriously, and that would be the biggest punishment for the cheater.


When Song Ji Hyo was asked if she had ever been interested in someone else while dating a person, the actress replied, “No. I always maintain deep connections with everyone. Therefore, people around me also feel the same.”

She explained, “If I meet a man, I will not look at other guys. I’m the type of person who only has one man in my eyes.”

In the past, Song Ji Hyo once appeared on JTBC’s show “Non-Summit” and shared her thoughts about the levels of cheating.

She said boldly, “Cheating is a lie. Love is the relationship between 2 people. When the 3rd person steps in between the couple, lying and excluding one person is not a good thing to do.”

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