The Trend of Male Idols Wearing Skirts

Netizens have shown great enthusiasm for the latest fashion trend of K-Pop idols

On online forums, netizens are actively discussing the latest fashion trends among current male group members. Among these discussions, the idea of male celebrities wearing dresses has garnered the most attention and received many positive reviews from fans.

BOYNEXTDOOR, TXT, ATEEZ, CIX, Stray Kids, The Boyz...

Specifically, in recent times, members of BOYNEXTDOOR, TXT, ATEEZ, CIX, Stray Kids, The Boyz, and others have all chosen to wear skirts to support the gender-neutral fashion trend. Public conversations also mention the potential for G-Dragon to become one of the pioneering fashion icons, being one of the first to own a skirt.

The styles of skirts that these idols wear are diverse, ranging from short skirts to long ones, and even dresses worn over pants. The audience’s reaction is predominantly positive; they believe that these creative choices encourage young people to embrace gender-neutral and non-binary fashion styles.

BOYNEXTDOOR, TXT, ATEEZ, CIX, Stray Kids, The Boyz...

One reason why male idols wearing skirts have become more widely accepted is thanks to the stylists of these music groups. The combination of skirts and clothing has become quite trendy and eye-catching, making it less unfamiliar for the audience to see men wearing skirts. Additionally, many fans believe that the confidence of these idols when wearing skirts is a key factor in making the outfits look beautiful and unique.

Source: k14

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