Kim Yoo Jung and this actress is being criticized for having bad K-drama cross-dress styling 

An upcoming K-drama is receiving not so positive feedback about the styling of its female lead, who masquerades as a man. 

“Our Blooming Youth”, the K-drama adaptation of a novel, will air starting from February 6th. Since the Chinese drama adaptation, which is titled “The Golden Hairpin”, was unable to air due to Kris Wu’s scandal, “Our Blooming Youth” received a lot of attention. 

Our Blooming Youth Jeon So Nee
Our Blooming Youth Jeon So Nee

Currently, various teasers, trailers, and still cuts of “Our Blooming Youth” are being released in order to promote the drama, however, not all reactions so far have been positive. In particular, actress Jeon So Nee, who plays the female lead, is being criticized for her “way too feminine” cross-dressing styling. Despite masquerading as a man, Jeon So Nee’s character still dons careful makeup, with bright lipstick and prominent eye liner, said audiences. 

Looking at still cuts of Jeon So Nee, many netizens also brought up Kim Yoo Jung’s character in “Love In The Moonlight”, who also pretended to be a man. In particular, they claimed that both Jeon So Nee and Kim Yoo Jung were dressed in eunuch outfits, with way too feminine makeup. 

Our Blooming Youth Jeon So Nee
Jeon So Nee and…
Kim Yoo Jung
…Kim Yoo Jung’s stylings were too feminine for their characters

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • This reminds me of “Love In The Moonlight”, as both female leads dress up as eunuch 
  • No but what is that makeup look, it screams “modern Korean IT girl” instead of “palace eunuch” 
  • Can anyone tell me what lipstick the female lead is using, it is impossible to mistake her for a man 
  • Why is the styling exactly like Kim Yoo Jung in “Love In The Moonlight”?

On the other hand, in “Our Blooming Youth”. Jeon So Nee assumes the role of smart noble lady Min Jae Yi. However, her relative was murdered, leading to her becoming the prime suspect. To clear her name, Min Jae Yi seeks the help of Crown Prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyung Sik), who is affected by a mysterious curse. 

Our Blooming Youth Jeon So Nee

Source: k14 

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