“Happy 7th anniversary”…Lovelyz members showed off their friendship ahead of disbandment

Lovelyz members celebrated their 7th debut anniversary.

Lovelyz members uploaded photos and videos on their personal Instagram accounts on Nov 11th. The girls gathered to celebrate their 7th anniversary.


Mi-joo shared a cake with “Happy birthday Lovelyz 7th” written on it and said, “Congratulations on the 7th anniversary of Lovelyz.”

Jin wrote, “You worked hard, Lovelyz” and Seo Ji-soo expressed her regret, “You worked hard, ah.” She also added fun by posting photos of the members having late night snacks while enjoying the party.

Lovelyz recently announced the termination of their exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment. After 7 years, they decided to go their separate ways. Except for leader BabySoul, 7 remaining members announced their departure from Woollim.

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