Park Min-young confessed: “I was really happy to be called ‘High Kick Yumi’”

Actress Park Min-young appeared on “Docuplex” and recalled her memories of “High Kick!”.

In the second part of MBC’s “Docuplex-Youth Documentary-High Kick”, aired on Nov. 12th, Park Min-young smiled and said, “I was really surprised and happy at the same time to receive an invitation, but I immediately replied that I would participate in whatever show. I looked back on all the memories. I watched the clips. I have lots of things to say.”

park min young high kick

When the scene of Park Min-young’s first appearance was shown, Kim Hye-sung said, “So pretty”. Then Park Min-young smiled and answered, “How could this be pretty. She said I look pretty, but I’m not actually.”

park min young high kick

After that, Park Min-young shared, “Now that I’m looking back at Yumi, I think she acts so randomly, and she is a bold and rough character who likes to go against her emotions. Getting caught pretending to play the piano and the flute, scratching my head and shaking off dandruff, etc…these things were considered attractive at that time. I did enjoy acting like that also. I love that silly side of her.”

park min young high kick

The actress recalled her memories and shared, “One day, director Kim Byung-wook came and told me, ‘You’re actually 20 years old”. Then he said, ‘You’re actually a spy’. Even in the whole 15 years after this drama, I keep remembering this drama every year. I remember it once every year. I became more famous for the name ‘High Kick Yumi’ from the first work. I felt happy and found it interesting to be called Yumi by many people. This is my favorite character, and I’m grateful for having a chance to take on this role. It was such a shiny time.”


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