TWICE is back once again: “We can feel our growth as we prepare for our 3rd album, we were happy”

Girl group TWICE is back with the new title track “SCIENTIST”.   

TWICE released their third full-length album, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” and the title song SCIENTIST simultaneously worldwide on Nov 12th. 

TWICE entered #6 place on the U.S. Billboard main chart “Billboard 200” with their 10th mini-album “Taste of Love” in June, marking the highest performance in the history of mini-albums released by K-pop girl groups.

In October, they released their first English single “The Feels” for fans around the world, ranking 83rd in the “Billboard Hot 100”, 80th in the “UK Official Chart”, and 83rd in the “Apple Music Top 100”. Their new album “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” exceeded 700,000 pre-orders as of Nov 10th. There is an increase of more than 200,000 copies compared to their previous comeback with “Taste of Love”, breaking their own record, raising expectations for another popularity surge.

In commemoration of the release of their 3rd full-length album “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” today (Nov 12th), the members tell stories about the album’s meaning themselves. 

Q. It is your first comeback in five months since the 10th mini album “Taste of Love” was released in June and about a year since your last  full-length album. How do you feel about this comeback?

Momo: It’s been a year since we last had a full-length album, so I’m looking forward to it. As we have prepared a variety of songs, I hope it will be an album that is fun to listen to.

Jihyo: I prepared it again with the thought that ‘I hope the fans will like it.’ Please keep an eye on TWICE’s new side and show a lot of love for our 3rd full-length album.

Mina: I’m happy to meet my fans with more good songs as a full-length album. Thank you so much for waiting.

Q. With your 10th mini album “Taste of Love”, you guys had entered #6 place on the U.S. Billboard’s main chart, marking the highest performance in the history of mini-albums released by K-pop girl groups. As you are achieving a global career-high for each album, do you feel any pressure regarding your performance or do you have any aspirations for this album? 

Nayeon: I’m proud and happy whenever you guys show a lot of love for the album we’ve worked hard on. However, I was happy while preparing for this album and I think I’ve grown more through the process, so I am trying not to feel burdened with the result.

Sana: I’m always grateful to be able to make new attempts thanks to many people who like our colors. It’s a lie to say that we’re not burdened at all, but I’m more excited about how you guys will react whenever we release an album.

Dahyun: I tried not to feel burdened because I was happy to be able to see our fans after such a long time. As we are returning with a full-length album after a year, which is filled with songs of various colors, so you will be able to see various aspects of us.

Q. Your album name using the math formula is very unique. Tell us the meaning of the symbols and what it means to TWICE.

Jihyo: Did you know that our 3rd full-length album’s title has a hidden meaning of ONCE (1) plus TWICE (2) equals (<3). I want to be with ONCE for all the upcoming albums! 

Jeongyeon: TWICE is expressed as T and ONCE is expressed as O, and when the two are combined, we have a formula for the meaning of love. It’s meaningful as we have our fandom name and group name together. 

Q. The title song “SCIENTIST” attracts keen attention right from its name. Please explain about your new song.

Nayeon: This song contains the meaning of “love is to follow your heart rather than searching in thoughts and finding the right answer”. I remember there is a message that says, “Just follow your heart because there is no correct answer”. I think these words could cheer everyone up in many ways. I hope you get even a little bit of strength and energy while listening to our music.

Momo: We are showing you a concept that has an intellectual vibe for the first time. I think we can show you our new color through this.


Q. When it comes to TWICE, expectations for performance are a thing that cannot be left out. I’m curious about the highlight point in the performance of this new song.

Nayeon: The highlight point in the performance of our title song “SCIENTIST” is the gesture that matches with “TWICE is researching about love”. If you look closely for the dance details that match the interesting lyrics, you will feel like you are going treasure hunting while enjoying our performance. The outro dance break part is really exciting, so please watch until the end!

Momo: In the middle of the performance, I made a gesture that represents the part “O+T=<3” of our album’s name “Formula of Love: O+T=<3”. It will pass really fast, so keep watching with your eyes open widely and looking for it (laughs). The album’s name means a lot to us, so we wanted to express it in the choreography.

Sana: We reach out our hands to both sides when it comes to the line that has “Minus”, and we do an expression that represents an ID card to relate to the lyrics line “License”. If you focus on the lyrics and the choreography while watching this music video, you will enjoy “SCIENTIST” even more. 

Q. There are many questions and expectations about the MV for the new song. Please tell fans some T.M.I, such as behind-the-scenes stories at the filming site or your most memorable moments.

Jihyo: I remember breaking the sugar glass at the beginning of the jacket shoot. That special experience was fun but also quite scary at the same time.

Mina: I remember the scene when I turned into a bad girl and broke the glass with a golf club. It was my first time wearing hairpieces. I was a little nervous since I hadn’t tried it before (laughs).

Tzuyu: There was a puppy robot at the filming site, and it understood what I said. It was amazing and cute.

Q. The visual concepts that center around “love” are attracting great attention. Please tell us your favorite concept and who suited each concept the most. 

Nayeon: I like the concept of “STUDY ABOUT LOVE” which has an attractive intellectual atmosphere. If I have to pick the member who pulled off this concept the best, I would pick Tzuyu. The outfit looked really good on her.

Dahyun: I choose the concept of “BREAK IT” which is full of playful energy! I remember having a pigtails hairstyle that looked like Wi-Fi, so I want to pick myself as the member who suited this concept the most. (laughs)


Q. We’re curious about TWICE’s favorite song in this new album. Is there any song you want to recommend to ONCE?

Nayeon: MOONLIGHT! I think it would go well with the atmosphere if you listen to it while walking or driving in the autumn evening.

Jeongyeon: I want to recommend “EXPRESSO”. Perhaps it is because I personally like coffee, it’s a perfect song for me.

Momo: I like “REWIND”. It’s catchy, and the vibe is also my favorite style so I want to recommend this song.

Sana: I also suggest “REWIND”. I recommend this song because it has a unique meaning like “MISSING U” and “CRY FOR ME”.

Jihyo: “ESPRESSO” and “CACTUS” are my favorite (laughs).

Mina: “REWIND” is a good song to play with the candles lit up. It goes really well with the feelings of autumn nights.

Dahyun: My favorite song is “ICON”, and I definitely want to recommend “CRUEL” to ONCE.

Chaeyoung: It’s “ICON”. I like it because it gives the feeling of bursting with excitement as the sound is not empty, and it makes me shake my body continuously.

Tzuyu: I recommend you listen to “CACTUS”. This is the first song that Jihyo composed and wrote the lyrics. I personally like it a lot, so I hope you will listen to it.


Q. Is there anything you want to say to ONCE all over the world, who have always loved and supported you?

Nayeon: Thanks to ONCE, who have always waited and cheered for us, we were able to release this album. Thank you so much and let’s make more good memories together until the end of 2021!

Jeongyeon: Thank you for waiting for us. In the future, we will continue to work hard to become a TWICE that gives you good memories.

Momo: Thank you for showing support every time we make a comeback. I think it is because many people are waiting for us so we are able to make this comeback possible. Please also enjoy our promotion this time!

Sana: We haven’t met each other for quite a long time so I’m really excited that we are about to see each other little by little again. Until the day we meet, don’t get sick and please take good care of your health. I’m always thankful to you!


Jihyo: I miss you a lot. Let’s meet each other often like before!

Mina: Thank you for always supporting and showing us unchanging love. I’m sure you all have been looking forward to this album a lot. We worked really hard to prepare, so I hope you will enjoy it.

Dahyun: Thank you for your generous love and support. Because I received a lot of congratulations on our 6th debut anniversary, my longing for meeting ONCE and holding concerts kept increasing. I can’t wait to see you and make good memories with TWICE members at the end of this year.

Chaeyoung: I think we were able to release an album thanks to your waiting and love for us. I can’t wait to see you face to face and hear your voices! Please stay healthy until we meet soon!

Tzuyu: Thank you ONCE for giving us so much love as always. We will work hard with the cheers from ONCE. Please look forward to more activities from us!

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