“Best friends” Jung Ho-yeon – BLACKPINK Jennie wore the same T-shirt but gave off different vibes

Both appeared in the same outfit but exuded different feelings.

Photos showing Jung Ho-yeon and BLACKPINK Jennie, who are known to be best friends, wearing the same type of shirt were posted on the website of an overseas fashion brand, drawing keen attention. This T-shirt is a product by “Dear Nikita”, a brand established by photographer Hugo Comte, who is close to many celebrities, including Jennie and Jung Ho-yeon.

The two global stars seem to have taken pictures at the request of Hugo. In particular, Jung Ho-yeon’s proof shot was pointed out to have been taken at her house. In the case of Jung Ho-yeon, netizens complimented saying the intense painting of the T-shirt suits her well. It made the image of Jung Ho-yeon, who is free-spirited and stylish, stand out even more.

On the other hand, Jennie showed off a more “girly” vibe as if she can match the T-shirt with a mini skirt. The outfit made Jennie look like she is in her teens with an energetic and youthful feeling.

Meanwhile, Jung Ho-yeon and Jennie are best friends and the two often mentioned each other. The behind story of Jennie personally visiting Jung Ho-yeon when she was filming “Squid Game” once became a hot topic.

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