These K-pop Idols of Chinese origin took a turn in their careers after going back to their homeland

Idols of Chinese origin are no longer rare to find in the Korean entertainment industry. However, not all of them can be successful in Korea. Therefore, many chose to return to their homeland to continue their musical careers. This seems to be the right decision when these Kbiz idols have now had a rather high place in Cbiz.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
The series of idols changed their destiny when they returned to Cbiz. 

Wang Yibo

Once an idol in the Korean-Chinese boy group UNIQ, Wang Yibo‘s name has not yet made a great impression in the hearts of the audience. However, when he returned to China, the male star’s career really flourished. In particular, pursuing the image of a versatile artist, Wang Yibo has achieved many successes not only in music but also in acting.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Many fans were surprised to know that Wang Yibo used to be a K-pop idol.

Meng Meiqi

The 1998-born female idol is a member of the Korean-Chinese group Cosmic Girls under the management companies Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. Up to now, she is known as one of the most famous beauties in Cbiz. Not only participating in the singing field, Meng Meiqi also co-starred with Xiao Zhan in the movie Jake Dynasty. Although there are still criticisms about her acting, she is increasingly famous and has a flourishing career.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Meng Meiqi’s spectacular progress has helped her prove her abilities.

Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao, also known by his Korean name Seongso, is a multi-talented artist. She can sing, dance and act. However, when working with the Korean-Chinese group Cosmic Girls, her name has not yet risen. After that, when she returned to China, Cheng Xiao gradually polished her reputation and gained the love of the public.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Cheng Xiao gradually set foot in the movie sector to shine. 


Previously, Hangeng was a former member of the group Super Junior in Korea. Returning to China, his talent was shown more in the roles of a singer, dancer, and actor. In particular, he also participated in Street Dance of China, the most famous dance show in China that has a big influence over Asia.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Now, Hangeng is becoming more and more famous in his homeland of China. 

Song Qian

The success that Song Qian achieved in her homeland is completely superior to when working with f(x). Once famous with the name Victoria, the leader of f(x), now she is even more well-known when entering the movie sector. She was noticed by the Chinese audience when she played He Fanxing in the Chinese drama Find Yourself. After that, she also participated as a host at the popular reality show Produce Camp 2020.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Not only her career, but Song Qian’s beauty is also on the rise.

Kris Wu

When he was a member of the popular group EXO, although he had a certain number of fans, Kris Wu‘s name was still not too prominent. As the first Chinese member to leave the group, he received mixed opinions.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Many people show their regret for Kris Wu’s rising career. 

In the field of singing, he became the first Chinese singer to have a song enter the Billboard Hot 100. In the film segment, Kris Wu also made a strong impression through many films such as L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, Never Gone, etc. However, also right in his homeland, the male idol who was once sought after by the public had to go to jail for a series of serious crimes.


Deciding to leave EXO when the group’s popularity was at its peak did not stop Luhan from achieving huge success in China’s entertainment industry. Not only continuing his singing career in his home country, but Luhan also became an actor. The historical romance TV drama Fighter of the Destiny where he played the lead ranked 4th out of the 10 highest-viewed series with 30 billion views. Luhan also became the first Chinese singer to earn a double-platinum record. 

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Luhan’s popularity in China is still outstanding 

Huang Zitao

Although his impact in China’s entertainment industry does not compare to the two other ex-members of EXO, Kris Wu and Luhan, Huang Zitao has still bagged impressive achievements. 

He has proved himself to be a multi-talented artist by engaging in various activities as a singer-songwriter, actor, model, producer and rapper. Huang Zitao’s most memorable acting performances are in romantic series such as The Brightest Star in the Sky and Negotiator. He was also selected as a mentor for the reality survival show Chuang 2020.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Huang Zitao is also known for his wealth among Chinese celebrities 

Zhang Yixing

Unlike Kris Wu, Huang Zitao and Luhan who all announced their departure in the first years of EXO’s career, Zhang Yixing, or Lay, is still a member of EXO to this day. However, he has been focusing on his individual activities in China. With a series of great achievements as a soloist, his skyrocketing popularity is admirable. 

Pursuing an acting path, he has starred in KungFu Yoga, Operation Love, etc. Besides, the male idol also joined the cast of famous shows such as Go Fighting!, Idol Produce thanks to his experience.

Kpop Idols of Chinese origin
Not only Chinese fans, Korean fans still see Lay in a good light

It’s clear that promoting in China has significantly upgraded the popularity of the above idols compared to when they were active in the K-pop industry. Focusing on individual activities, they have more opportunities to show their talents and charms to the public.

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