BLACKPINK Jennie visited Squid Game set, helping Jung Ho Yeon set a new record on her Instagram

Who would have thought that Jennie’s visit to Jung Ho Yeon at the set of Squid Game would create such a buzz!

After gathering to do the LALISA challenge, 4 members of BLACKPINK continued with their busy individual schedules. While Lisa continues to promote her solo album, Jisoo and Rosé go to Paris to attend Fashion Week, what Jennie’s been up to makes fans even more curious.

Recently, netizens are excited to know that Jennie spent her break from schedules to have a “date” with a celebrity who is going viral on social media. That is none other than actress and model Jung Ho Yeon, who has received the most attention from netizens in recent days after her impressive role in the Netflix hit series Squid Game.

The photo of Jennie’s appearance at Ho Yeon’s filming set was posted by the actress herself on her own Instagram account. This post gains huge interactions: over 3.7 million likes and thus sets a new record for Ho Yeon. However, this is just an old photo that Ho Yeon is only sharing now because the filming for Squid Game wrapped up a long time ago!

Jennie “took a break” to come to the set of Squid Game to visit Jung Ho Yeon
The post quickly hit 1 million likes in just 2 hours and now has over 3.7 million likes

Jung Ho Yeon and Jennie have been close for a long time in a group of friends including many other models.  Ho Yeon was the runner-up of Korea’s Next Top Model cycle 4 and became a promising model in the Asian and international fashion industry.

Jung Ho Yeon and Jennie have been close for a long time
Starting with the runner-up title of Korea’s Next Top Model season 4, Jung Ho Yeon is a name that is noticed by many designers 

After achieving success in the modeling industry, she continues to enter the entertainment world by playing the tough character Kang Sae Byeok in Squid Game. The role has helped her become a rising new actress of the Korean film industry.


Before Squid Game was released, Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram account only had about 400 thousand followers. The number of likes on her posts were between 200 and 300 thousand. However, after getting a huge amount of attention for the role of Kang Sae Byeok, the female model has seen a significant increase in social media interactions and so far has more than 5.4 million followers.

Source: k14

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