Identity of the female trainee believed to be debuting in BLACKPINK’s “younger sister” group 

This trainee is suspected of being a member of YG’s next girl group.

In the fierce competition between 4th gen girl groups, YG has yet to launch their next girl group. However, pieces of information about YG’s upcoming female rookie always gain attention. Netizens have recently talked about a female trainee who is believed to be part of the lineup of BLACKPINK’s “younger sister” group.

YG Trainee Rora

Accordingly, the trainee in question is Rora. She was rumored to be born in either 2003 or 2004. She is Korean. Although she hasn’t officially debuted yet, she has already modeled for YG artists’ merchandise such as WINNER and BLACKPINK.

YG Trainee Rora
YG Trainee Rora

In some rare photos of Rora, she exudes innocence and sweet visuals that suit Koreans’ taste. Her facial expressions also look natural and professional.

BLACKPINK was dubbed a “monster rookie” when they first debuted, having both visuals and talents. Therefore, the public has high expectations for their junior girl group. Currently, there are also mixed reactions that Rora’s visuals are somewhat “mainstream” in K-pop with some netizens wondering whether she will be able stand out among 4th gen female idols.

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Here are some comments:

  • She’s pretty but her visuals are somewhat mainstream 
  • I think she really has YG vibes
  • Rora looks like TREASURE’s Yoshi
  • I’m looking forward to her talent 
  • Am I the only one who thinks she doesn’t look YG? 

Previously, every piece of information about YG’s next girl group created a buzz. The girl group’s name is believed to be BABY MONSTER (BAEMON). The group is rumored to have 7 members with different nationalities. They were also spotted at YG’s building. There were even rumors that BAEMON will have more refreshing vibes instead of a girl-crush concept like 2NE1 and BLACKPINK. 

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