42-year-old Jang Nara shocks netizens with her age-defying beauty in new drama interview video

Jang Nara has recently made headlines with her youthful appearance in a new interview video for the upcoming drama “Family”. 

In the video, which was posted on tvN’s YouTube channel, Jang Nara discussed her upcoming drama “Family” and shared some behind-the-scenes stories from the set.

jang na ra

Netizens couldn’t help but marvel at Jang Nara’s stunning looks, with many expressing their disbelief that she was already in her 40s. Some even joked that she must be taking some kind of magical elixir to maintain her flawless complexion and youthful radiance.

jang na ra

Netizens left comments such as:

  • “How are you aging backwards? Are you living on some kind of magic potion?” 
  • “How do you manage to look even prettier as you age?” 
  • “It’s amazing”
  • “Jang Nara is a real-life doll.”

Despite being in her 40s, Jang Nara is still considered one of Korea’s representative youthful celebrities. She made her debut as a singer in 2001 and has since appeared in numerous popular TV dramas, including “Nonstop” and “The Last Empress”.

Last year, Jang Nara tied the knot with a six-year younger director whom she met on the set of a drama. The couple had been dating for two years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level.

jang na ra

Jang Nara is set to make her return to the small screen on April 17 with the new tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Family.” She will be co-starring with Jang Hyuk, Chae Jung Ahn, and others.

In “Family”, Jang Nara plays the role of Kang Yoora, a fierce and ambitious housewife who dreams of having a perfect family. Her husband, played by Jang Hyuk, is an agent for the National Intelligence Service who poses as an ordinary office worker to conceal his true identity.

The drama promises to deliver a thrilling and hilarious mix of comedy, action, melodrama, and espionage. Netizens can’t wait to see Jang Nara’s captivating performance on screen.

Source: Wikitree 

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