Dawn Confesses Love for HyunA Despite Breakup: MBC Calls It a “Marketing Stunt Disguised as Love” 

Dawn expresses love for ex-girlfriend HyunA, sparking criticism from MBC for using their relationship for marketing purposes.

Recently, Dawn made an appearance on the 1theK program “Look Me Up” to promote his new album, but he also spoke about his past relationship with HyunA.

Dawn said, “I still love her. Whether I break up with HyunA or get back together with her, whatever our relationship may be, it doesn’t matter. I still love HyunA for who she is. Even if we go separate ways or end up with someone else, perhaps I will always love HyunA.”


Despite their tumultuous relationship garnering a lot of attention, MBC released an article criticizing the couple’s antics. The article stated that the public is tired of hearing about their relationship and that it’s time for them to focus on their music careers.

MBC wrote, “HyunA and Dawn’s love has not shown any signs of ending. Therefore, the public no longer wants to update news about them and is starting to feel tired.

Dawn even wrote a touching song for his ex-girlfriend, but isn’t this just a marketing stunt disguised as love? All of this has turned sincerity in the past into vanity. Both sides should focus on their music activities instead. A true artist should believe in themselves and care more about their loved ones around them.


We hope this turbulent relationship drama of the two will take place in a private room, where they sing and dance together in their own world, share their silent love and quietly resolve conflicts.

It’s understandable that the media and public are exhausted by Dawn and HyunA’s on-again-off-again relationship, but it’s important to remember that they are still human beings with emotions. Love is a complicated emotion, and it’s not always easy to move on from a past relationship, especially one that was so publicized.

Source: MBC

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