Dawn and HyunA never got engaged? “Reunion rumors” clarified

Singer Dawn personally explained rumors of reunion with his ex-girlfriend HyunA as well as their alleged “engagement”. 

On the 14th, a video titled “HyunA and Dawn should appear on ‘Transit Love’? Already invited | Dawn (DAWN) _ Dear My Light | Look Me Up” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “1theK Original”.


In the video, Dawn said about HyunA, “The two of us probably understand each other the best in the world, so we will support each other, no matter what kind of choice is made. Even now and at that time, I wanted to fully respect her choice and support her by pressing like.”

Regarding the YouTuber who spread malicious lies about their breakup, Dawn expressed his anger, stating that he will take legal action. 

“We broke up, but I will do the same thing if the same thing happens now”, he affirmed. 

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Then, when asked if he still has love for HyunA, Dawn answered, “I’m the same actually. Whether I break up with HyunA or get back with her, it doesn’t matter what we are. I just love the person HyunA is. So even if we take totally different paths and stand with someone else in the future, I’ll still be in love with HyunA.”

In the video, Dawn also corrected the misunderstanding about his proposal ring to HyunA, saying, “I didn’t ask for her hand to get married. It was just because I like her so much”.

According to Dawn, he did think of HyunA as somebody he will marry if he ever gets married, but he considered marriage a later matter. The male singer also said that the ring was something he just wanted to give HyunA, not necessarily an engagement token. 


When asked about still having photos of HyunA on his SNS even after their breakup, Dawn confessed, “I have no intention of deleting it even if we’re not together anymore. It’s the past and my memories. It wasn’t a bad memory, it’s just my daily journal. I just swipe down and think, ‘Those were good times’ or ‘this happened then’. Because of those memories, I don’t really want to delete them. HyunA also said it’s okay.”

Dawn also mentioned the rumors that he and HyunA have gotten back together, saying, “The reason why HyunA and I don’t agree or disagree to this is because to be honest, I’m a bit exhausted about this public opinion at the moment. Saying it’s right or wrong seems ridiculous. Most importantly, I wish people can see us for more than the history of our relationship.”

“Whether we’re dating or not, we love each other the most and know each other best. We understand each other best. It’s true we are on each other’s side, we will always be,” he also affirmed. 

On the other hand, Dawn and HyunA confirmed their relationship in 2018, though they originally got together in 2016. They went on to become a representative couple, but officially broke up in November 2022.

Source: Naver

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