Fans call out SM Entertainment for unfair treatment of Red Velvet compared to junior aespa

Dance practice videos are considered a “must-have” content during every comeback of Kpop idol groups. Therefore, it comes as a huge surprise for many netizens upon finding out that Red Velvet, despite having gone through 20 promotion eras within over 7 years since debut, only has a total of… 5 dance videos. 

Umpah Umpah is one of the rare title tracks of Red Velvet with a dance practice video 

Specifically, taking into account both the group as a whole and the sub-unit, both practice and dance performance, so far, Red Velvet has only released choreography videos for the 5 following songs: Rookie, Umpah Umpah, Naughty, Psycho, Look. It is worth mentioning that many screenshots of Red Velvet filming dance practice videos were even “leaked” before, yet SM eventually refused to upload the full version. 

SM Entertainment mistreats Red Velvet
Red Velvet’s dance practice for Happiness 
SM Entertainment mistreats Red Velvet
and Dumb Dumb was “leaked”
SM Entertainment mistreats Red Velvet
SM Entertainment mistreats Red Velvet
SM released the behind the scenes for the girls’ practice of Power Up but the official dance practice is nowhere to be found

Seeing this situation, netizens can’t help but compare the treatment Red Velvet receives from SM to their junior group aespa. aespa has only debuted for over a year with 3 main title tracks, but aespa’s fans have been treated to various kinds of content, including dance practice and dance performance videos. With each aespa’s song, SM always releases more than one dance video. The difference in the number of choreography videos between Red Velvet and aespa is seen as proof that SM is not promoting Red Velvet properly and focuses more on their junior group. This has caused fans to be indignant and demand SM to treat Red Velvet better. 

aespa’s dance practice for Savage (Squid Game version) 
aespa has many well-prepared dance performance videos

Netizens’ comments:

  • I guess they did this on purpose so fans could focus on streaming the MV.
  • aespa has only debuted for a year yet they already have more dance videos than Red Velvet.
  • With the way SM promotes them, it’s amazing how Red Velvet can get this popular. 
  • It’s SM’s fault Red Velvet is less popular than TWICE and BLACKPINK
  • Red Velvet barely gets promotion, their music is good but also experimental.
  • SM doesn’t post girl group dance practices (except for aespa)
  • Red Velvet’s content is seriously little, much less than groups from smaller companies. aespa has more dance practice videos, but they are not given much chance to interact with fans either, especially when compared to other 4th generation groups. 


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